Arvados Beta Test Announcement

Curoverse announces beta testing for Arvados 1.0
Added by Tim Pierce about 7 years ago

The Curoverse engineering team has been hard at work since October’s user summit, adding requested features and fixing bugs. We’re proud to announce that the latest version of Arvados has been deployed as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS). If you want to try the technology out without installing it on your own, you can apply for the beta.

Just a few of the changes that users can look forward to:

Better development tools.
We have made many improvements to the Python SDK for writing Arvados apps, and beefed up the documentation. Our online documentation of the Arvados API is now almost complete, and we have filled in the gaps in our online tutorial for getting started with Arvados. We are excited to be able to provide toolkits for samtools, bwa, picard and GATK2 pipelines, including example code to help you get started.

Cleaner user interface.
The front page of the Workbench includes information on jobs, pipelines and collections at your fingertips. The entire Workbench has been optimized to load more quickly and be more responsive to user input.

Easier deployment.
Work is nearly complete on packaging Arvados as a self-contained system that can be installed on a single machine—even a laptop!—so informaticians and IT directors can more easily try Arvados in a private environment. To that end, we have also expanded the documentation for installing and configuring Arvados.

Stronger job management.
Reviewing and managing Crunch jobs is much easier. Some of the features we have added to help informaticians keep track of their Crunch tasks include:
  • Watch job output in real time with new API calls
  • See number of busy and idle compute nodes
  • Cancel jobs easily

The road ahead.
We're already hard at work on preparing a formal 1.0 release later this year. This is a great time to get your feedback and ideas in, so if you have thoughts about what would make Arvados an even better tool, we'd love to hear from you!