2014-02-12 development update

Added by Ward Vandewege about 7 years ago

Today marks the end of a 3-week development sprint. Here's an overview of the most important, user-visible things that changed.

  • Workbench has a new, much improved layout
  • It is now possible to compare details and output of two or three pipelines in Workbench
  • Workbench now allows viewing of the provenance report for an output. This reveals how the output was produced, where the input data came from, and how available/durable the source and intermediate datasets are.

We also made a lot of changes under the hood. Many bugs were fixed, the documentation at http://doc.arvados.org was updated, and we now use Jenkins to run most of our automated tests on every commit.

All in alll, this sprint consisted of 180 commits by 4 committers - you can consult the detailed commit log here: