Towards Arvados 1.0

A summary of Arvados development activity leading up toward Arvados 1.0.
Added by Tim Pierce about 7 years ago

Things have been moving fast here at Curoverse in the last few months! We've been working hard to get to Arvados 1.0 and have lots of updates!

We follow an Agile software development model. Our work is organized into three-week sprints, each of which is planned with the goal of having a releasable product when the sprint ends. (Of course, during the development phase it doesn't always work out quite like that -- but we're trying!)

We'll post a summary of development activity here, with a link to the full release notes, at the end of each sprint. Today marks the end of our most recent sprint, which focused on development tools and resource management. Some highlights:

Collections are identified in the Workbench interface via their user-defined tags if available. No more having to copy down long UUID strings! Additionally, all public PGP data and human/trait metadata can now be accessed through Workbench in our public Arvados instance.

We have begun work on our second-generation Keep server. A new version has been written in the Go programming language, which is designed for writing robust, highly concurrent server code like Keep. We are moving forward with performance profiling and adding important features for permission management.

Administrative tools
Much work this sprint went into better administrative tools for Arvados. The Arvados administrator now has access to a rich set of tools for user management, permissions and logging. We have also begun implementing the Data Manager to help administrators monitor disk usage for each user and each site.

The full release notes for this sprint can be found on our wiki: Sprint 2014-04-16. Check it out and, as always, give us a shout if you have any questions or suggestions!