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Engineering sprint report for the sprint ending December 10, 2014
Added by Tim Pierce over 5 years ago

As we start to wind down the year, we have some of our most exciting features yet to offer. Our Thanksgiving sprint was a very productive one: we found and fixed 29 bugs and implemented 7 new features.

One of our most exciting new features is a browser-based collection upload tool. If you have data sets already on your workstation to upload into Arvados, you can do so right from your browser:

Being able to upload collections directly from your desktop makes it a snap to get started using Arvados. Try it out yourself!

In addition to nifty web tools for making Arvados easier, we've been working hard on other projects.

  • Curoverse has been an active participant in the Common Workflow Language working group. Our senior engineer Peter Amstutz contributed substantially to drafting the reference implementation. A tool for expressing bioinformatics workflows in a consistent, portable way across different systems is an important link in promoting collaboration between researchers on different projects. We see the Common Workflow Language as a critical component of modern bioinformatics platforms.
  • Pipeline authors can now specify a particular SDK version in their pipeline computations, offering better control over reproducibility.

On top of that, we've fixed a bunch of niggling little bugs that have made Arvados much smoother to use: improved SSH key upload, more consistent handling of file selections in collections, pipeline rendering, Firefox SSL certificate bugs and much, much more!

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