A good helping of Docker with a sprinkling of Common Workflow Language

Added by Ward Vandewege almost 6 years ago

Our most recent sprint contained the usual mix of bug fixes and new features. Here's a quick overview of what happened.

The pre-built Arvados Docker images were greatly improved. They are now the easiest way to test Arvados on a local workstation. Specifically, we added support for the web-based file uploader and websockets to the Docker containers. The containers can now also be stopped and restarted via the arvdock command.

You can get started with the Arvados Docker containers at http://doc.arvados.org/install/pre-built-docker.html.

In Workbench, users can now create and manage their own Arvados-hosted git repositories.

We have more git-related Workbench features in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Also on Workbench, the collection page now has a much more useful summary at the top that shows the collection UUID, content address, and some information about the contents of the collection.

Workbench is now also smarter about in-browser file previews, as we taught it to use standard MIME types to determine when a file preview makes sense.

The Arvados Node Manager now fully supports Google Compute Engine (GCE), in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

We added basic LDAP/Active Directory authentication support to the Arvados SSO server.

Large (1 GiB+) file downloads through Workbench now complete (that was a bug). Quite a few other, smaller bugs in Workbench were also fixed.

And finally, we wrote the draft 2 specification for the Common Workflow Language (CWL). It is available at https://common-workflow-language.github.io/#/. We're very excited about the progress that is being made with the CWL, and we look forward to making it possible to run CWL pipelines on Arvados soon.

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