First Arvados Summit!

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Adam Berrey (CFI) kicks off the Summit

The Fall 2013 Arvados Summit took place in Cambridge, MA on Tuesday, October 22nd, from 1pm to 5pm. Over 30 people attended, including bioinformaticians, developers, clinicians, commercial leaders, pipeline providers, and tool developers.

The Summit kicked off with project updates from Adam Berrey & Tom Clegg as well as breakout discussion sessions to address emerging needs for the platform. Participants also addressed the nascent Arvados Foundation as well as the new Lightning project, which will enable extremely fast variant queries through a high-performance in-memory compact genome database.

Sasha Zaranek (CFI) presenting Arvados Lightning

Additionally, the Arvados community welcomed pipeline developer presentations from not only academic labs, such as the Harvard School of Public Health and the Whitehead Institute, but also commercial developers, such as Real Time Genomics and Cypher Genomics. Discussion focused on how pipelines can run faster and more efficiently on the Arvados platform.

Francisco De La Vega (RTG)

Melissa Gymrek (Whitehead) presenting the combination of lobSTR & Arvados

Phillip Pham (Cypher) presenting on the benefits of Arvados to pipeline developers

Details of the Summit, including outputs of the breakout sessions and more photos, are at

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