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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
16589 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal arv-federation-migrate script issues Lucas Di Pentima 07/08/2020 05:30 PM

16585 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal [keep-exercise] improvements Ward Vandewege 07/07/2020 04:08 PM

16584 Arvados Bug New Normal Error when submitting cwl using schemas to Arvados Peter Amstutz 07/02/2020 02:22 PM

16583 Arvados Feature New Normal Can programmatically distinguish between final outputs (results of top-level containers) and intermediate outputs. 07/01/2020 04:36 PM

16581 Arvados Task New Normal Review Lucas Di Pentima 07/01/2020 03:58 PM

16580 Arvados Bug New Normal Python 3 loose ends 06/30/2020 09:16 PM

16579 Arvados Task New Normal Review branch 16573-keep-deduplication-reporting-tool Tom Clegg 07/01/2020 03:58 PM

16578 Arvados Story New Normal Scripted setup of the tutorial cluster by copying data from data cluster Peter Amstutz 07/01/2020 03:58 PM

16577 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Publish CWL 1.2 Peter Amstutz 07/07/2020 05:18 PM

16574 Arvados Feature New Normal Can limit which users can upload data and submit container requests. 07/06/2020 08:16 PM

16573 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal [keep] deduplication reporting tool Ward Vandewege 06/30/2020 08:23 PM

16572 Arvados Support In Progress Normal Set up new data hosting cluster on AWS Javier Bértoli 07/01/2020 03:37 PM

16571 Arvados Feature New Normal Permission system supports seeing & sharing with a group without having access to group contents. 06/30/2020 02:05 PM

16567 Arvados Feature New Normal GCP support in arvados-dispatch-cloud 06/26/2020 01:40 PM

16566 Arvados Bug New Normal [cli] can't create a token when using a token created with create_superuser_token.rb 06/26/2020 12:52 AM

16565 Arvados Bug New Normal Don't upload development images as arvados/jobs:latest to Docker hub Peter Amstutz 07/01/2020 03:41 PM

16563 Arvados Feature New Normal All services support TLS directly 06/24/2020 06:56 PM

16562 Arvados Feature New Normal SDKs ask API server for preferred "Services" config based on whether you are "internal" or "external" 06/24/2020 06:53 PM

16561 Arvados Story New Normal Add "Listen" to Services config 06/24/2020 06:59 PM

16560 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Single-click install & subscription via cloud marketplace 06/29/2020 01:55 PM

16558 Arvados Support New Normal Document webdav 07/01/2020 04:09 PM

16557 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Rewrite user guide 06/23/2020 02:07 PM

16556 Arvados Bug New Normal Template for Workflow Displaying Last Step instead of Main on Workbench 06/23/2020 01:16 AM

16555 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Create Walkthrough document for using tutorial workflow on playground Sarah Zaranek 07/08/2020 04:57 PM

16554 Tapestry Feature New Normal opt-in participant survey reminders 06/26/2020 01:12 AM

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