Bug #10018

[Workbench] Double-clicking "show version" link causes modal deadlock

Added by Tom Clegg over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Steps to reproduce:
  • Click "?" help menu
  • Click "Show version / debugging info..." item twice quickly
  • When the dialog appears, click "close" or click outside the dialog to dismiss it
  • Dialog disappears but the page is still greyed out, and nothing is clickable.
Desired result:
  • Dialog disappears and page returns to normal -- as is would if you had clicked "show version" only once.
Tentative analysis:
  • The double-click causes two AJAX requests
  • The first JS response fills the #report-issue-modal-window div with some HTML and then opens the modal
  • The second JS response overwrites the #report-issue-modal-window div with some (similar/identical) HTML and then opens a new modal
  • The "close" button closes the second modal and puts the page back the way it found it (i.e., when the first modal was open)
  • The page still has the "unclickable / greyed out" overlay set up by the first modal -- but the first modal's DOM elements are gone, so there is no dialog showing, and no "close" handler anywhere that can put the page back to normal.
Proposed fix:
  • In the "report issue" JS, before overwriting the #report-issue-modal-window element with new content, check whether it already contains a modal that is (or might be) open. If so, close the existing modal before destroying its DOM elements.


#1 Updated by Tom Morris over 3 years ago

  • Target version set to Arvados Future Sprints

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