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[Crunch2] [Crunch1] Disable crunch1 APIs by default on new installs

Added by Tom Clegg over 4 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Currently install docs say the jobs API (crunch1) is deprecated, but the installation procedure results in a system that tries to run crunch1 jobs.


A site that is already using the Jobs API should have the Jobs API enabled by default (but the sysadmin should be able to disable it).

A new install should have the Jobs API disabled by default (but the sysadmin should be able to enable it).


Add a config entry:

  # Enable the legacy Jobs API.
  # auto -- (default) enable the Jobs API only if it has been used before
  #         (i.e., there are job records in the database)
  # true -- enable the Jobs API despite lack of existing records.
  # false -- disable the Jobs API despite presence of existing records.
  enable_legacy_jobs_api: auto

If the legacy jobs API is disabled according to this config knob, API server should automatically disable all of the Jobs APIs, i.e., implicitly add these to Rails.configuration.disable_api_methods:

 - jobs.create
 - pipeline_instances.create
 - pipeline_templates.create
 - jobs.get
 - pipeline_instances.get
 - pipeline_templates.get
 - jobs.list
 - pipeline_instances.list
 - pipeline_templates.list
 - jobs.index
 - pipeline_instances.index
 - pipeline_templates.index
 - jobs.update
 - pipeline_instances.update
 - pipeline_templates.update
 - jobs.queue
 - jobs.queue_size
 - job_tasks.create
 - job_tasks.get
 - job_tasks.list
 - job_tasks.index
 - job_tasks.update
 - jobs.show
 - pipeline_instances.show
 - pipeline_templates.show
 - jobs.show
 - job_tasks.show

Update the install documentation:

Add the enable_legacy_jobs_api option to the "Configure the API server" section on http://doc.arvados.org/install/install-api-server.html

jobs_api_label.png (60.8 KB) jobs_api_label.png mock of what Nico is refering to on the workbench Nico César, 01/11/2017 08:40 PM


Task #14239: Review 10865-legacy-jobs-apiResolvedLucas Di Pentima

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#5 Updated by Tom Morris over 4 years ago

The Jobs portion of the V1 API is most definitely not deprecated. The install docs should be corrected ASAP. It's the only thing which works for the overwhelming majority of our installations. It's fine to have an intention to move away from it, but it can't be deprecated until there's something to replace it.

Any easy config mechanism is a good thing, but it can't default to relying on an empty Jobs table as the authority. Do we not already know what cloud vendor they're configuring (seems like we need this info)? Assuming we have that info, we can use non-cloud/local/HPC as the signal for enable_jobs: false, otherwise it should be enable_jobs: true.

The concerns about Workbench are valid, but orthogonal.

#6 Updated by Tom Clegg over 4 years ago

Hm. I don't know about "most definitely not deprecated". The install docs mention "Jobs API support (deprecated)" and guide people to set things up for the Containers API instead.

If we revert that, so the install docs leave you with the Jobs API, then the motivation for this ticket seems to go away: "a system that tries to run crunch1 jobs" will be the correct behavior.

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A couple of questions:

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Lucas Di Pentima wrote:

A couple of questions:

Oops, yes, I meant to do that and I forgot.

  • Do you think is it possible to test this using our current testing framework?

Yea, I might be able to refactor it to do something like that.

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