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[Crunch2] [Workbench] Show slurm queue position of containers submitted to slurm but not yet running

Added by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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From the user's perspective, it's hard to see what (if anything) is happening between the time a container is created/queued and the time it actually starts running.

In a SLURM setup, the container typically moves quickly from Queued to Locked state when crunch-dispatch-slurm puts it in the slurm queue, and then stays there for some time waiting for SLURM resources to run it.

Proposed feature

Soon after a container is submitted to the SLURM queue, Workbench should start indicating how close the resulting SLURM job is to the front of the queue.


When checking squeue, crunch-dispatch-slurm should notice the slurm queue position for each "Locked" container, and propagate this information to the API server.
  • API: Add a new serialized Hash field dispatch_info
  • crunch-dispatch-slurm: store queue position as dispatch_info["queue_position"]
  • crunch-dispatch-slurm: only update containers for which this process has the lock
  • crunch-dispatch-slurm: rate-limit queue position updates for any given container: max one update per second, avoid sending redundant updates like "update queue position from 5 to 5"
  • crunch-dispatch-slurm: ensure no races between "update queue position" and "update container state" requests
  • Workbench: display the latest queue position when available


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from squeue(1): "The default value of sort for jobs is "P,t,-p" (increasing partition name then within a given partition by increasing [job] state and then decreasing priority)"

We might want to use "S,-p,V,P" (expected start time, decreasing priority, submission time, partition name).

If we include %t (job state) in the format string, {number of PENDING jobs seen before this one}+1 can be used as the queue position for a job.

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