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[Workbench] Remove arv-get file download fallback

Added by Peter Amstutz 4 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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Currently, if keep-web isn't configured, Workbench will fallback to arv-get and Rails streaming to serve files. However, this is a very bad fallback:

  1. It fails silently if calling arv-get doesn't work
  2. It ties up a workbench worker for the duration of the download
  3. It doesn't report content-length, so user agents are unable to render a progress bar or determine if the entire file was transferred.
  4. It sometimes silently drops out in the middle of downloads
  5. It sometimes consumes huge amount of RAM, crashing the workbench server.
  6. It can't handle [some?] range requests

Instead we should:
- Workbench should refuse start if keep-web is not configured
- Documentation should be updated to emphasize that keep-web is mandatory, Workbench config for keep-web, and the new Workbench startup failure mode
- Remove the arv-get fallback code and adjust any related tests
- For file downloads, prefer to link directly to keep-web instead of redirecting through workbench (especially useful for sharing links)

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