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[Keep] Support multiple storage tiers

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As an Arvados system administrator, I'd want the ability take advantage of the cool/cold storage classes offered by cloud vendors.

This would potentially require the ability to designate storage tier in some way (collection, all collections in a project, etc) as well as a way to migrate between storage classes/locations,

Keep storage tiers

Microsoft Azure (pricing at 50-500 TB level)

  • LRS-COOL $0.01/GB/mo, $0.01/10Kops + $0.01GB
  • LRS-HOT $0.0177/GB/mo, $0.05/10Kops
  • GRS-COOL $0.02/GB/mo, $0.20/10Kops + $0.01/GB
  • GRS-HOT $0.0354/GB/mo, $0.10/10Kops
  • RAGRS-COOL $0.025/GB/mo, $0.20/10Kops + $0.01/GB
  • RAGRS-HOST $0.0442/GB/mo, $0.10/10Kops
Amazon S3 (pricing at 50-500TB level)
  • Standard - $0.022/GB, $0.004/10Kops (get)
  • Infrequent Access - $0.0125/GB, $0.01/10Kops (get)
  • Glacier - $0.004/GB + variable retrieval charge depending on speed
  • Multi-Regional Storage $0.026/GB/mo
  • Regional Storage $0.02/GB/mo
  • Nearline Storage $0.01/GB/mo, $0.01/GB retrieval charge
  • Coldline Storage $0.007, $0.05/GB retrieval charge
  • Optional bucket versioning


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