Bug #11220

[SDKs] Fix misleading arv-mount/pysdk error messages by removing obsolete "fetch manifest from Keep" code

Added by Tom Clegg 8 months ago. Updated about 22 hours ago.

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Target version:2017-10-25 Sprint
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Current error message:

2017-03-01 17:27:55 arvados.arvados_fuse[10741] ERROR: Error fetching collection '{{PDH}}': Failed to retrieve collection '{{PDH}}' from either API server (<HttpError 404 when requesting https://tb05z.arvadosapi.com/arvados/v1/collections/{{PDH}}?alt=json returned "Path not found">) or Keep ({{PDH}} not found: http://keep0.tb05z.arvadosapi.com:25107/ responded with 403 HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

This should be reported as 404 / not found. The 403 part is a red herring.

Manifests are no longer written to Keep, and even if they were, reading without a permission token will never work on most installations, so this fallback seems pointless.



Task #12438: Review 11220-manifest-fetch-errorIn ProgressLucas Di Pentima

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11220-manifest-fetch-error @ 93e437b0dfd453f00df59c6a84bcc5d3ef09a9be

I removed one test that said "arv-get {block-id} -" relied on the fetch-manifest-from-Keep fallback. It looks like that's still true, and crunch-job calls arv-get that way to get manifest fragments from task outputs.

I implemented this a different way (so it also works for blocks that don't happen to be manifests) in commands/get.py, but it looks like only the manifest-from-api-server case is tested, not the data-from-keep case.

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