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Convert new SGLF to glf.2bitgz, glf.2bit.path and glf.2bitbz2

Added by Abram Connelly about 3 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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A new SGLF dataset has been created with a new 0x35e tile path. The other representations of the tile library should be updated to reflect this new tile path library file.

The new sglf collection has been added to the l7g Data project.

Each of the "glf" collections should have a ".scripts" subdirectory that hold scripts that can be altered to recreate the appropriate tile library path.


#1 Updated by Abram Connelly about 3 years ago

  • Project changed from Lightning private to Lightning

#2 Updated by Abram Connelly about 3 years ago

If we do this before we convert the genotyping data to CGFv3, we should make sure this conversion from SGLF is as painless as possible so that we can add the genotyping information easily. There are some tilelib-merge programs and scripts floating around but maybe this would be a good opportunity to create a more formalized tool to do this. We also might want to consider creating a new tool to go from raw FastJ to SGLF instead of relying on the old fastj2cgflib.

#3 Updated by Jiayong Li about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

We're no longer using the glf format.

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