Bug #12026

[crunchstat-summary] gives invalid min_cores recommendation

Added by Tom Morris over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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This recommendation doesn't make sense from a couple of points of view:

### Summary for cwl-runner (su92l-8i9sb-ll9w11siojvlro6)
category        metric  task_max        task_max_rate   job_total
cpu     cpus    1       -       -
# Max CPU time spent by a single task: 1045.15s
# Max CPU usage in a single interval: 99.80%
# Overall CPU usage: 18.81%
#!! cwl-runner su92l-8i9sb-ll9w11siojvlro6 max CPU usage was 100% -- try runtime_constraints "min_cores_per_node":1

It shouldn't recommend a "change" to the same value as is current and it shouldn't recommend a change for max cpu < 100%


#1 Updated by Tom Morris about 1 year ago

  • Subject changed from crunchstat-summary gives invalid min_cores recommendation to [crunchstat-summary] gives invalid min_cores recommendation
  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by Tom Morris about 1 year ago

I think the problem here was triggered by the fact that there was no cores run-time constraint specified. The job got scheduled on a single core machine (which seems like the right default), but crunchstat-summary contains this code:

        used_cores = max(1, int(math.ceil(cpu_max_rate)))
        asked_cores = self.existing_constraints.get(constraint_key)
        if asked_cores is None or used_cores < asked_cores:
        yield (
                '#!! {} max CPU usage was {}% -- '
                'try runtime_constraints "{}":{}'

I think perhaps asked_cores should have a default value of 1 if it isn't specified.

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