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[arvados-ws] Memory leak

Added by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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arvados-ws process caught using 40GB rss, 48GB virt, ~75% cpu.


  "EventSource": {
    "DBStats": {
      "OpenConnections": 2
    "EventsIn": 3479826,
    "EventsOut": 54709791,
    "Queue": 0,
    "QueueDelay": 0.00097,
    "QueueLimit": 4,
    "Sinks": 44,
    "SinksBlocked": 0
  "HTTP": {
    "ReqsReceived": 30041,
    "ReqsActive": 45
  "Outgoing": {
    "QueueCount": 191,
    "QueueMin": 0,
    "QueueMax": 64,
    "QueueTotal": 9204,
    "QueueDelayMin": 0.000161,
    "QueueDelayMax": 5.133126

An arbitrary log entry:

  "RequestID": "bevbt12eapbb",
  "elapsed": 872.1006494,
  "level": "info",
  "msg": "disconnect",
  "stats": {
    "QueueDelayNs": 10791625100,
    "WriteDelayNs": 49772000,
    "EventBytes": 904645,
    "EventCount": 1519
  "time": "2017-08-08T15:51:38.274834635Z" 

A quick look at strace just shows an awful lot of clock_gettime() between useful-looking reads and writes. Perhaps some goroutines are getting stuck in busy loops?

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Task #12088: Review 12087-ws-busy-loopResolvedTom Clegg08/08/2017Actions
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Updated by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago

One way for a goroutine to get stuck in a busy loop is to read from a closed channel (which returns immediately) and stay in a loop.

for {
  select {
  case <-foo:
    // do some stuff, but don't set foo to nil or break out of the loop
    // ...

If foo closes, this spins forever.

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Updated by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago

SIGQUIT revealed many (thousands?) of goroutines like this

2017-08-08_16:52:46.63107 goroutine 3925946 [sleep]:
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63107 time.Sleep(0x5f5e100)
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63108       /usr/local/go/src/runtime/time.go:59 +0xf9
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63108 main.(*v0subscribe).sendOldEvents(0xc47732e870, 0xc45e0bdf00)
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63108       /tmp/tmp.P695OjRw0T/src/ +0x5ed
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63108 main.(*v0session).Receive(0xc45e0bdf00, 0xc48568e000, 0x73, 0x200000, 0xc44789a2d0, 0xc47732e820)
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63109       /tmp/tmp.P695OjRw0T/src/ +0x50f
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63109 main.(*handler).Handle.func2(0x913220, 0xc460831440, 0x913fe0, 0xc428b27a70, 0xc47732e550, 0xc44789a270, 0x9129e0, 0xc45e0bdf00)
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63109       /tmp/tmp.P695OjRw0T/src/ +0x33a
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63109 created by main.(*handler).Handle
2017-08-08_16:52:46.63110       /tmp/tmp.P695OjRw0T/src/ +0x4aa

I'd say this loop needs another exit condition, in case the client hangs up while sendq is full and the queue stays full forever.

        for len(sess.sendq)*2 > cap(sess.sendq) {
            // Ugly... but if we fill up the whole client
            // queue with a backlog of old events, a
            // single new event will overflow it and
            // terminate the connection, and then the
            // client will probably reconnect and do the
            // same thing all over again.
            time.Sleep(100 * time.Millisecond)
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Updated by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago

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Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 7 years ago


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Updated by Tom Clegg almost 7 years ago

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Applied in changeset arvados|commit:e4a35f3914481226a2a4ff57618bc486839aa2ea.

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Updated by Nico César almost 7 years ago

changes have been made in puppet for qr1hi su92l d8kp5 also e51c5 but puppet is disabled, until we have a downtime window to run it.


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