Bug #12251

[API] Strict checks for "@@" filter operand

Added by Tom Clegg about 4 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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The operand of a @@ filter should be checked against a well-defined format.
  • If the operand does not follow this format, the request should be rejected 4xx.
  • If the operand does follow this format, the request should behave predictably.
  • API should support queries like "foo bar", "foo & bar", "foo*&bar*", "foo* bar", "foo|bar" where "*" enables prefix matching, & means and, and | means or.
  • At least for now, queries with non-alphanumeric characters other than |&* and space should return 422 errors; likewise malformed queries like "&foo", "bar&", "foo&&bar", "foo& |bar".
  • Except: for compatibility, start by silently replacing :* with *.
  • A query like "a" ("a" being a "stop word") should match everything. This is consistent with the behavior of "foobar a", which matches everything containing "foobar". (Currently, "a" matches nothing.)
    • This can be implemented by passing the supplied search string through select to_tsquery(x) and skipping the filter entirely if the result is empty.

When implementing, please review the Workbench portion of this story done in #12194 to ensure expectations match.

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