Bug #13322

keepstore -help entry for -dump-config is unclear

Added by Javier BĂ©rtoli over 3 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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command help states that

        write current configuration to stdout and exit (useful for migrating from command line flags to config file)

but it does not do that. Instead, it seems that --dump-config "builds" a config extrapolating default values if it can't find an existing config file.

Checking keepstore config on keep4.c97qk, I get

keepstore --dump-config

BlobSignatureTTL: 336h0m0s
BlobSigningKeyFile: "" 
Debug: false
EnableDelete: false
Listen: :25107
LogFormat: json
ManagementToken: "" 
MaxBuffers: 128
MaxRequests: 0
PIDFile: "" 
RequireSignatures: true
SystemAuthTokenFile: "" 
TrashCheckInterval: 24h0m0s
TrashLifetime: 336h0m0s
Volumes: []

while the current command line is

keepstore -enforce-permissions=true \
  -permission-key-file=/etc/keepstore/permission.key \
  -data-manager-token-file=/etc/keepstore/datamanager.key \
  -listen=:25107 \
  -max-buffers=22 \
  -serialize=true \
  -readonly=true \
  -serialize=false \
  -readonly=false \
  -never-delete=false \
  -azure-storage-account-key-file=/etc/keepstore/azure_storage_account.key \
  -azure-storage-account-name=curoversec97qkblob \


#1 Updated by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago

Looks like we need a better way to explain what this does.

If you have no config file, and you run keepstore with no arguments, then its configuration will consist entirely of defaults.

Thus, if you have no config file, and you run keepstore --dump-config with no other arguments, then it will output a configuration file consisting entirely of defaults.

The intended use is

keepstore -enforce-permissions=true \
  -permission-key-file=/etc/keepstore/permission.key \
  -data-manager-token-file=/etc/keepstore/datamanager.key \
  -listen=:25107 \
  ... \
  -dump-config > /etc/arvados/keepstore/keepstore.yml

This translates your legacy command line flags to a config file. Once you've done that, you can (and should) change your run script to just

exec keepstore

#2 Updated by Tom Clegg over 3 years ago

  • Subject changed from --dump-config does not dump the current config (keepstore, surely others?) to keepstore -help entry for -dump-config is unclear

#3 Updated by Tom Morris over 3 years ago

  • Target version changed from To Be Groomed to Arvados Future Sprints

#4 Updated by Peter Amstutz 3 months ago

  • Target version deleted (Arvados Future Sprints)

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