Bug #13324

Python packaging broken

Added by Peter Amstutz over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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(05:46:37 PM) tetron: we've been looking at it from the point of view of creating the packages
(05:46:50 PM) tetron: but setup.py also gets run to _install_ packages
(05:47:21 PM) tetron: it first looks for ARVADOS_BUILDING_VERSION
(05:47:27 PM) tetron: but that's not there, so version = None
(05:47:34 PM) tetron: then it goes into the if statement
(05:47:40 PM) tetron: it tries to import arvados_version
(05:47:53 PM) tetron: that's not included in the package, so it raises ImportError
(05:47:54 PM) tetron: which is caught
(05:47:57 PM) tetron: and passes
(05:48:06 PM) tetron: so it runs setup.py with version=None
(05:48:10 PM) tetron: which is why we get 0.0.0
(05:48:53 PM) tetron: this worked because before, we had a base case version="0.1" 
(05:49:21 PM) tetron: so the package doesn't actually know its own version
(05:49:37 PM) tetron: at least, not without using egg_info
(05:49:49 PM) Fernando: ok, but why you say that arvados_version is not included?
(05:50:50 PM) tetron: double checking, but I don't see it in MANIFEST.in
(05:51:10 PM) tetron: yea it isn't in the tarball
(05:51:20 PM) tetron: however
(05:51:23 PM) tetron: even if it was
(05:51:32 PM) tetron: it would have raised an error that it couldn't run git
(05:51:40 PM) tetron: which is the _other_ error we were seeing


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