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Install options chart

  • Are we still using "Curoverse" branding for the Arvados support subscription, there's been some ongoing confusion that "Curoverse" now refers to Curoverse Research?
  • The "Demo" column is all "yes" so I don't think it contributes anything
  • Don't understand the difference is between "Workflow Development" and "Workflow QA/QC" columns.
  • "Arvados Software Development" column header is sort of ambiguous, maybe call it "Developing Arvados" ?
  • The last row for "Cluster operations subscription" should be all "yes" even if the last two columns don't totally make sense

2 While Arvados on Kubernetes is not yet ready for production use, it is being developed toward that goal


2 Arvados on Kubernetes is under development and not yet ready for production use

Arvados on Kubernetes

Reminder that in textile you need to use @-signs around quoted code, not backticks.

If that does not describe your environment, please see the "GKE":#GKE or "Minikube":#Minikube sections below to get set up with Kubernetes."

How about

If you do not have a Kubernetes cluster already set up, you can use "Minikube":#Minikube for single node development and testing, "Google Kubernetes Engine":#GKE at scale, or another Kubernetes solution.

Maybe move the GKE and Minikube instructions to their own pages?

The "Install helm" section is missing a link to instructions to actually install helm (now I see it's down in the GKE/Minikube install sections, but I don't know if that's the right place for it.)

"determine the IP address..." can that be any more specific, is there a "kubectl" command to figure it out? It looks like the GKE instructions include getting the IP, but not the Minikube ones.

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Thanks Peter, I've revised the text and merged the branch.

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