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[Epic] Replace SLURM for cloud job scheduling/dispatching

Added by Tom Morris almost 6 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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See Dispatching containers to cloud VMs

Outstanding TODOs not covered by a linked ticket:
  • Integration test that uses a loopback driver to execute crunch-run on localhost (this verifies the interface between dispatcher and crunch-run)
  • Add tests for activity/resource usage metrics
  • Performance metrics for dispatching (e.g., time between seeing a container in the queue and starting its crunch-run process on a worker), see Dispatching containers to cloud VMs
  • Cloud behavior metrics: count unexpected shutdowns, split by instance type
  • Configurable spending limits
  • Update runtime_status field when cancelling containers after crunch-run crashes or the cloud VM dies without finalizing the container (already done for the “no suitable instance type” case)
  • (API) Allow admin users to specify image ID in runtime_constraints; (dispatcher) if present, use runtime_constraints image ID instead of image ID from cluster config file
  • Run crunch-run as a non-root user
  • Don't require root at all on the cloud instance
Outstanding TODO-or-maybe-not-TODOs not covered by a linked ticket:
  • Periodic status reports in logs. This kind of logging should normally (always?) be handled by an external monitoring system that connects to the existing metrics endpoint.
  • Cancel containers that take longer than a configurable time limit to schedule (e.g., no nodes ever come up). Unsure whether this is useful: maybe containers should just stay queued until the problem is fixed.

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