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Discovery document inconsistencies

Added by Fuad Muhic almost 4 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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- Content defined in "schemas" section contain duplicated uuid field. Example:
Section discoveryDoc.schemas.Collection.properties contains 2 uuid fields. This presents a problem when
auto-generating SDK-s (they are manually filtered in R-SDK).

- Methods "index", "show" and "destroy" are aliases for the preferred names "list", "get" and "delete".
These methods are redundant and present an unnecessary addition when auto-generating SDK-s.
(They are manually filtered in R-SDK which reduced Arvados.R file by 2000 lines). Example:
discoveryDoc.resources.collections contains index, show and destroy.

- Some documentation fields are preformated. Example:
discoveryDoc.resources.collections.list.description contains:
List Collections.
The list method returns a
<a href="/api/resources.html">resource list</a> of
matching Collections. For example:


This presents problem when generating documentation in R, so R-SDK is ignoring description field.

- discoveryDoc.resources.collections.provenance states that return type should be Collection. When I make a
REST call I get back collection wrapped inside list, which is not the case with other collection methods.
I think I encountered more similar problems when working on R-SDK, so I decided to ignore entire discoveryDoc.schemas section.


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