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[Spike] Evaluate alternatives for Composer functionality in Workbench2

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Had a sit-down yesterday with Kaushik Ghose from Seven Bridges at Bio-IT World.

Discussed future of Composer.

Expressed the need for a major refactor to isolate and abstract data providers and execution backends (and to a lesser extent, electron-specific features). This would require throwing out the existing Seven Bridges platform integration (since we obviously can't/won't do the work to support it). Suggested that we could do the refactoring work and contribute it back as a proposed "Composer v2". SBG would continue their ongoing maintenance of cwl-ts and cwl-svg (for example, adding upcoming cwl v1.1 support) as separate components that are used by Composer, Workbench 2, SBG platform and others.

He supports this plan, with a few requests:

  1. To continue to support the Electron desktop build along with a pure web build
  2. To include some acknowledgement / branding of the Rabix project in Arvados Composer
  3. To document new the data provider / execution interfaces to support their efforts to re-add Seven Bridges platform support
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