Bug #15496

[Workbench] Group membership doesn't work on User admin page

Added by Lucas Di Pentima 3 months ago. Updated 16 days ago.

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When clicking user → group or group → user checkboxes, no request is being made to the server. On the Javascript console there's an error that can provide some clue:

0: "Error: no data-permission-uuid established here." 
1: input#group_uuids_
length: 2
__proto__: Array(0)


Task #15498: Review 15496-wb1-group-membership-adminResolved

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Revision 8168ab17
Added by Lucas Di Pentima 3 months ago

Merge branch '15496-wb1-group-membership-admin'
Closes #15496

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Lucas Di Pentima <>


#1 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 3 months ago

Comparing versions 1.3.3 against 1.4 or master, seems that rails' check_box_tag() template function is ignoring attributes with values being nil, in this case when a checkbox is rendered unchecked, its data-permission-uuid attribute should have "null" as its value, but it isn't there and the javascript click handler returns with the observed error message.

#2 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 3 months ago

Updates at 431f22982 - branch 15496-wb1-group-membership-admin
Test run: https://ci.curoverse.com/job/developer-run-tests/1431/

Sets up a default 'x' value on data-permission-uuid instead of relying on rails' tag helper that from rails 5.0 seems to ignore attributes with falsy values.
As we have been having flakyness with the wb1's integration test suite, didn't think it's a good time investment to write a test for this as we're phasing workbench1, but I can do it if necessary.

#3 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 3 months ago

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#4 Updated by Tom Morris 2 months ago

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#5 Updated by Ward Vandewege 16 days ago

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This was missed on the 1.4.1 release, the commit 431f22982dfee8f4d1c9590b3bce8d36709d5dd9 was not picked onto the 1.4-dev branch prior to the 1.4.1 release.

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