Bug #15684


centos7 arvados-api-server package build broken

Added by Peter Amstutz about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Findings so far.

I think what is happening is something like this:

  1. build arvados-server v1
  2. build arvados-api-server v1
  3. build arvados-server v2
  4. try to install arvados-api-server v1
    1. depends on arvados-server v1
    2. fail because only arvados-server v2 package is available (also a package version conflict since we are pinned to arvados-server v1 but more recently built package would be pinned to arvados-server v2)

Proposed solution: assign version as latest(api-server, arvados-server).

Second finding:
Installing arvados-api-server doesn't appear to pull in arvados-server as a dependency. Which suggests the dependency is missing on all the deb based builds.

Debian packages do have a dependency on arvados-server, but for some reason apt-get doesn't log anything about installing it.

The actual reason that only centos7 is failing:

There is a feature to download already-built dev packages, to avoid building them again.

In the centos7 build, this means it fetches the already existing package, which may have been built depending on an older arvados-server package. This causes the package install test to fail when the arvados-server package is newer than the arvados-api-server package.

However, the "download existing packages" code is presently broken for deb packages (uses the wrong URL). As a result, deb packages are always rebuilt. This means arvados-api-server gets rebuilt at the same version number, but with a dependency on the latest arvados-server package. Testing succeeds, but now we're in a situation where we are be rebuilding a package with the same version number but different metadata.


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