Bug #15819

[packages] workbench dev package not being built

Added by Tom Clegg about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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It looks like something is wrong with the way we calculate version numbers for workbench dev packages.

Merge commit 522d525a4 included changes in apps/workbench, so it should have made a new package.

$ git l
*   522d525a4 Merge branch '15799-baseurl-missing-slash'
| * 8f8a26674 15799: Ensure default baseURL has a trailing slash.
* |   b30dca66a Merge branch '15107-google-login'
|\ \  
| |/  
| * f2fe9d684 15107: Remove nonexistent legacy config key.

$ TZ=UTC git log -n1 --first-parent apps/workbench
commit 522d525a4dcbf11a22d14ea78a0c362272533c34
Merge: b30dca66a 8f8a26674
Author: Tom Clegg <tclegg@veritasgenetics.com>
Date:   Wed Nov 6 16:17:03 2019 -0500

Build 1128 made a package for revision b30dca66a, but build 1129 chose not to make a package for 522d525a4:

b30dca66a056bc6ee627bab5956dd8884a0e74aa = Wed Nov 6 13:59:29 2019 -0500
  Checking out Revision b30dca66a056bc6ee627bab5956dd8884a0e74aa (detached)
  Package arvados-workbench_1.4.1.20191106185929-1_amd64.deb not found, building

522d525a4dcbf11a22d14ea78a0c362272533c34 = Wed Nov 6 16:17:03 2019 -0500
  Checking out Revision 522d525a4dcbf11a22d14ea78a0c362272533c34 (detached)
  Package arvados-workbench_1.4.1.20191106185929-1_amd64.deb exists upstream, not rebuilding, downloading instead!

Associated revisions

Revision 278e5355 (diff)
Added by Tom Clegg about 2 years ago

Fix rails package versions for dev builds.

[ $goversion > $railsversion ] doesn't compare versions, it just
creates an empty file called $railsversion and returns success. As a
result, the arvados-api-server and arvados-workbench package
numbers (and the rebuild-or-reuse decisions) were based only on the
last change to cmd/arvados-server, disregarding more recent changes in
the respective Rails projects.

refs #15819
refs #15863

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>

Revision 06d6bec4 (diff)
Added by Tom Clegg about 2 years ago

Fix Rails package version calculation again.

refs #15819
refs #15863

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>


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