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[arvados-dispatch-cloud] Cumulative instance time and cost metrics

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From Dispatching containers to cloud VMs

  • (counter) cumulative instance time and cost, partitioned by allocation state and node type
In principle, these metrics can be estimated based on the existing instances_total and instances_price metrics. However:
  • prometheus doesn't offer an integral function
  • updating a cumulative metric after every worker/pool update (i.e., in updateMetrics()) would provide decent accuracy even when prometheus sampling is infrequent/unreliable.

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  • Related to Story #13908: [Epic] Replace SLURM for cloud job scheduling/dispatching added

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instance_usage_cost{category="inuse",instance_type="z1.xxl"} 1.234
instance_usage_seconds{category="inuse",instance_type="z1.xxl"} 3600

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  • Related to Feature #16636: [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Add instance metrics added

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