Bug #16037

"Download selected" functionality messes up file names

Added by Moritz Gilsdorf 9 months ago. Updated 9 days ago.

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When downloading all files at once from a collection we noticed that content of the files wasn't what it was supposed to be based on the file name. This is not the case when opening the file directly or from a arv-mount soit must be whatever is creating the ZIP file that is causing this issue.

e.g. we had a collection with gct files and for each of the gct files a txt/csv file. The content of these files is verified correct (e.g using the mount). When downloading all the files from workbench2 a zip file is produced where the gct files contain the content of the text files and vice versa.


Arvados - Task #16878: Review 16037-download-selected-functionality-messes-up-file-namesResolvedDaniel Kutyła

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Revision f4bc382b
Added by Daniel Kutyła 10 days ago

Merge branch '16037-download-selected-functionality-messes-up-file-names'
Closes #16037

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Daniel Kutyła <>


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#8 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 15 days ago

  • Based on what was reported on the ticket, I tried creating a new collection with text files and what I got after selecting all files and clicking on “download selected” is a zip file with the text files with names changed. That is to say: contents were there, but filenames were interchanged between them.
  • Then, I tried uploading a 99KB jpeg file, this file can be correctly downloaded by right-clicking on it and selecting “Download”. But when being selected and clicking “download selected”, the produced zip contains a 177KB file of “something” that’s not a jpeg file.

#10 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 13 days ago

  • The download action in file src/views-components/context-menu/action-sets/collection-files-item-action-set.ts shouldn’t be commented out because it’s for single file downloads, something that is working correctly AFAICT.
  • The commented code on the other file could have a brief explanation of why it’s currently in that state.
  • With that, it LGTM.

#12 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 10 days ago

Updates LGTM, please merge.

#13 Updated by Daniel Kutyła 10 days ago

Temporary disabled the feature as it should be done on the backend to handle all file types

#14 Updated by Daniel Kutyła 10 days ago

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