Bug #16251

Workflows unable to show inputs

Added by Piotr Mrzygłowski about 2 years ago.

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In the process view the "Outputs" redirects to the final collection. However the "Inputs" link below does not work at all. It just shows an error message (as on the screen attached).

However when looking at the Advanced menu the inputs are there so there is no good reason not to show them.

In Moritz's opinion a good solution would be to extract the cwl.inputs.json from mounts and transform that into a YAML format. This could be displayed in a modal and also be downloaded and used as a input from command line execution.

image-2020-03-05-13-57-17-057.png (7.31 KB) image-2020-03-05-13-57-17-057.png Piotr Mrzygłowski, 03/13/2020 06:28 AM
image-2020-03-05-13-58-26-017.png (63.1 KB) image-2020-03-05-13-58-26-017.png Piotr Mrzygłowski, 03/13/2020 06:28 AM

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