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"undelete" command to recover trashed blocks and restore a deleted collection

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In some cases, even when a collection has been deleted and keep-balance has trashed its data blocks, the collection is still partially or fully recoverable:
  • some blocks may not have been trashed because they are still referenced by other collections
  • some blocks may still be in the recoverable "trashed" state, if BlobTrashLifetime has not arrived yet

Given a manifest (or the UUID of a a collection update/delete log entry that has a manifest in old_attributes), the recovery command ("arvados-server undelete") should use keepstore's HEAD and untrash APIs to untrash the data as needed, make a new manifest with fresh signatures, and save a new collection.

If a block is not recoverable, the command should continue to untrash as many as it can, and report how many were attempted/successful, but not save a new collection. (Future improvement: save a partial collection in this case, omitting any files affected by the missing blocks.)


Task #16454: Review 16427-undeleteIn ProgressWard Vandewege

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TODO: accept UUID of collection-delete/update log entry (currently must provide file containing manifest text)
TODO: doc page

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