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Story #2767: Recurring: update doc site to match current behavior, and fix bugs

Tutorial is missing section on creating VMs and how to log in for the first time

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The documentation says "Request a new VM" without explanation

Later it says "log into a VM" without explaning how to determine the hostname of the appropriate VM to use.

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Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 10 years ago

Relatedly, the section on ssh access could explain better the purpose of the setting up ~/.ssh/config

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It appears that the issues listed here are already addressed.

1. "Request a new VM without explanation": The "Welcome to Arvados!" page instructs to send an email to the address listed (

2. "Log into VM without explanation". The url listed in this ticket no longer exists. However the "Accessing an Arvados VM with SSH" page ( page details the process and I was able to login into the VM without any difficulty following these instructions.

3. I also felt the explanation of SSL setup to be not confusing and informative enough.

I am thinking the documentation had since been updated after the creation of this ticket. Hence, marking this ticket as resolved. Please let me know if you disagree and further details to address.


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