Bug #16790

[keep-web] S3 ListObjects response should not have empty NextMarker field

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Currently keep-web returns IsTruncated=false and an empty NextMarker when there is no "next page" to retrieve. NextMarker is also empty when the request has no delimiter.

(According to AWS docs on NextMarker "When response is truncated (the IsTruncated element value in the response is true), you can use the key name in this field as marker in the subsequent request")

However, testing indicates the Amazon .net SDK (github.com/aws/aws-sdk-net) stays in its "next page" loop as long as a NextMarker field is present in the response, even if the NextMarker value is empty and IsTruncated is false.

To address this, and to conform better with the documented behavior when the request has no delimiter ("Note: This element is returned only if you have delimiter request parameter specified."), keep-web should not return the NextMarker tag at all when the value is empty.


Task #16792: Review 16790-next-marker-omitemptyResolvedTom Clegg

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Merge branch '16790-next-marker-omitempty'

fixes #16790

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>


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