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Refactor Workbench 2 testing

Added by Daniel KutyƂa 24 days ago. Updated 1 day ago.

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There are some strange failures:

to see more details please see

The WB2 tests still run on the main CI server. Move this to a Jenkins Satellite, which means build a docker image. Will need some refactoring so we don't rebuild the world every time the tests wrun.


Task #16961: ReviewNewLucas Di Pentima


#1 Updated by Ward Vandewege 24 days ago

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The integration tests are failing, somewhere inside the

/root/go/bin/arvados-server boot -type test -config /tmp/workbench2/tools/arvados_config.yml -own-temporary-database -timeout 20m

command. Perhaps some sort of race condition. It shouldn't have errored out in the cleanup function though, I've pushed a patch that resets the pipefail and error mode on the script in the cleanup function.

#2 Updated by Ward Vandewege 24 days ago

This test is running on the jenkins master. Todo: build a packer image and move it to the satellites.

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