Bug #17204

[keep-web] Avoid red-herring error log on 304 Not Modified responses

Added by Tom Clegg over 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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While handling a conditional request that results in a 304 Not Modified response, keep-web logs this error:

"stat.Size()==3299929 but only wrote 0 bytes; read(1024) returns 1024, %!s(<nil>)" 
We should
  1. use %v instead of %s so a nil error is just "nil" instead of "%!s(<nil>)"
  2. not log this error if the response code is 304


Task #17553: Review 17204-not-modifiedResolvedTom Clegg

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Revision 7141824b
Added by Tom Clegg about 1 year ago

Merge branch '17204-not-modified'

fixes #17204

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>


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17204-not-modified @ 17a35d4e667e2c38b5c00c174bd9a76e784ebaef -- developer-run-tests: #2434

The test covers the 304 case, but the fix covers other non-200 response codes as well, like 412 precondition failed and 207 partial content.

Also fixed an unclosed-file bug, even though (so far) it was harmless because Close() is a no-op in a collectionfs.

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