Feature #17217

[controller] move blob signature calculation from api to controller

Added by Ward Vandewege 4 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Starting a lot of nodes that all read from the same large collection overloads the api server, with tons of ruby processes fighting over cpu. This happened on su92l today. It is possible that the blog signature calculation is the culprit. It would not be hard to move that code to controller.

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Blocked by Arvados - Feature #17531: [controller] Remove ForceLegacyAPI14 config flagResolved04/14/2021


#1 Updated by Ward Vandewege 4 months ago

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#2 Updated by Tom Clegg 4 months ago

Suspected example: failed container request su92l-xvhdp-ro44bqknjjbkpdv, log su92l-4zz18-s0iat32namtr51h

2020-12-17T16:02:29.440839471Z /mnt/su92l-4zz18-9ghkf2xpro0ff9q/NA19732.haplotypeCalls.er.raw.vcf.gz phase 1: request failed: https://su92l.arvadosapi.com:443/arvados/v1/collections/su92l-4zz18-9ghkf2xpro0ff9q?select=%5B%22uuid%22%2C%22manifest_text%22%5D: 503 Service Unavailable: request failed: http://localhost:8000/arvados/v1/collections/su92l-4zz18-9ghkf2xpro0ff9q?select=%5B%22uuid%22%2C%22manifest_text%22%5D: 503 Service Unavailable

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  • Blocked by Feature #17531: [controller] Remove ForceLegacyAPI14 config flag added

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