Bug #17500

Fix flaky integration tests

Added by Peter Amstutz 27 days ago. Updated about 13 hours ago.

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The following tests tend to fail with "Timed out retrying after 4000ms"

1) can copy selected into the collection

This one too:

1) can share projects to other users


1) Page not found tests


Task #17544: Review 17500-cypress-flakyness-fixesIn ProgressPeter Amstutz


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#4 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 13 days ago

I've been looking for methods to reduce test flakyness. I think that one of the causes is the fact that we use cy.visit() to go to specific URLs. This makes the browser go to the url and reloading the entire app in the process... which introduces delays because on app boostrap, there're lots of things going on in the background.

One idea would be to stop using cy.visit() and somehow access the app's router from Cypress, so we can push new URLs to the browser's history and let the app react to it, this I think will improve response times a lot. I've found a couple of hints on how to do this:


and more react specific:


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Updates at arvados-workbench2|e76af0d - branch 17500-cypress-flakyness-fixes

Test runs: Fixes:
  • Avoids using multi-slash URLs on Cypress requests.
  • Fixes issue that made the 'page not found' message to not be displayed on unknown routes.
  • Adds app router navigation capabilities to Cypress tests, to improve reliability and speed.
  • Adds object cleanup before every test to avoid potential issues and test slowness.
  • Fixes cy.loginAs() command to avoid leaking session data if used more than once on a single test.
  • Fixes favorites suite test that relied on the above bug to sometimes pass.

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