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Jenkins step to test + salt formula

Added by Peter Amstutz 29 days ago. Updated about 12 hours ago.

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Somewhere in the Jenkins pipeline after development packages are built:

1) Spin up a Jenkins worker from a slim image (possibly multiple OS versions)

2) Run / salt to install and configure Arvados on the worker

3) Run smoke tests (hasher pipeline)

4) Report results

5) Shut everything down


Task #17542: ReviewNewWard Vandewege


#1 Updated by Peter Amstutz 29 days ago

  • Description updated (diff)

#2 Updated by Peter Amstutz 29 days ago

  • Assigned To set to Javier Bértoli

#3 Updated by Javier Bértoli 24 days ago

  • Status changed from New to In Progress

#4 Updated by Javier Bértoli 23 days ago

  • Subject changed from Jenkins step to test terraform + + salt formula to Jenkins step to test + salt formula

Added a test Saltstack arvados-formula pipeline, with multi-configuration matrix (to enable testing Debian and Centos if desired), using a tests-2.1 worker node.

The job:

  • copies the 'single_host/multi_hostname' configuration examples
  • copies the 'local.params' example and modifies it to be usable (same as the local Vagrant script does)
  • runs the provision script
  • runs the script in the @arvados/tools/salt-install/tests' directory, which:
    • verifies the SSL snake-oil certificates are in place
    • creates the Arvados Standard Docker Images project
    • uploads an arvados/jobs image to the project
    • creates the initial user if it does not exist
    • activates the user
    • runs the hasher-workflow.cwl using the user's credentials

Run successfully an initial test with the current branch I'm testing for #17246

Still pending to add this job in one of the pipelines.

#5 Updated by Javier Bértoli 22 days ago

Added the job in the Arvados Build Pipeline, as a downstream job after build-packages-debian10 success.

Modified the "Execute Shell" step to:

  • use the development release (so it the formula uses the arvados-dev repo)
  • set VERSION to "latest" (so it picks the newest package in the repo

#6 Updated by Peter Amstutz 15 days ago

  • Target version changed from 2021-04-28 bughunt sprint to 2021-05-12 sprint

#7 Updated by Javier Bértoli 14 days ago

The jenkins run is failing because the job is misconfigured:

#8 Updated by Javier Bértoli 10 days ago

Fixed the development run (sed regex issue in the job configuration), rerun latest and passed

#9 Updated by Peter Amstutz about 15 hours ago

  • Target version changed from 2021-05-12 sprint to 2021-05-26 sprint

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