Bug #17600

[deployment][arvados-formula] webshell's shellinabox pam file must be named /etc/pam.d/shellinabox

Added by Javier Bértoli 14 days ago. Updated about 17 hours ago.

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The formula installs the pam file as arvados, which is wrong. Needs to be renamed


Task #17646: Review #17600 arvados-formula, branch 17600-fix-shellinabox-pam-configResolvedJavier Bértoli

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#1 Updated by Peter Amstutz 8 days ago

#2 Updated by Javier Bértoli 8 days ago

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#3 Updated by Javier Bértoli 7 days ago

I was confusing the shellinabox pam file with the libpam-arvados-go pam configuration file.

Removed the libpam-arvados-go references in the formula (as they're not functional as they are setup there) and fixed all the shellinabox references and tests.

Should be fixed in commit 675eac6@arvados-formula, branch 17600-fix-shellinabox-pam-config. Need to test it in a cluster

#4 Updated by Javier Bértoli 3 days ago

Side note: Moved the formula to our own repository (git://git.arvados.org/arvados-formula.git) and github mirrors it the same way as the arvados formula.

Added a few more changes and run a vagrant test. The file is correct. Commit ea03991@arvados-formula, branch 17600-fix-shellinabox-pam-config.

#5 Updated by Javier Bértoli 3 days ago

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#6 Updated by Lucas Di Pentima 3 days ago

This LGTM, thanks!

#7 Updated by Javier Bértoli 2 days ago

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