Bug #17775

[a-d-c] the user should be able to see when preemptible nodes get shut down and the running container requeued

Added by Ward Vandewege 12 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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When a preemptible node is shut down by the cloud provider while running a workflow, the container is automatically requeued. From the user's perspective, it looks like a container is runnning and then suddenly disappears and gets replaced with a new one that in the 'queued' state.

The user should be able to see what happened ("container was stopped and requeued because the cloud node failed/preemptible instance was stopped"). More generally, it would be nice if for a given CR, the user could see all the containers that were created/started/failed (and the relevant timestamps) for that CR in wb/wb2. Right now, when a container fails and automatically requeued, that is quite hard to see.

The cloud providers send a signal when a preemptible node is going to be shut down -- for example, on EC2, crunch-run can poll instance metadata -- ideally we'd catch that and log it, and bubble that up to the user.


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