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  • Add "Groups" to the left hand navigation tree which displays the existing "Groups" list panel
  • When user clicks on an entry in the "Groups" list, they are presented with a panel with two tabs, "Members" and "Permissions"
  • The "Members" tab consists of a list of users and groups
    • Membership is defined as having a permission link with "tail" of some user or other group and "head" being the selected group
    • Clicking on a user or group navigates to the panel for that user or group
    • An "Add member" button uses the "sharing" dialog to select users or groups to add to the group
    • Displays Name, username, UUID, email
    • Should be able to sort by any of those columns
    • Option to search/filter by substring would be nice to have
    • Members that are other groups are group name only
    • When adding a member, also select the permission level that is granted
    • Additional column with for "maximum permission" to display/change the maximum permission level the user gets on items shared with the group
    • When adding a member, normally a read permission link is create going from the selected group (tail) to the member (head). If this this read link is not present, it is a "hidden user"
    • Action menu has a "Remove" item (maybe simplify to just an [x] or trash can icon and no popup menu?)
  • The "Permissions" tab consists of a list of projects, membership of the group grants these permissions on these projects
    • Each row displays name of group
    • Option to search/filter by substring would be nice to have
    • Each row has control to displays/change granted permission
    • Button to add permission for a project, opens project chooser, only displays projects that the user has "manage" access
    • Button to remove permission that deletes permission link
    • Click on project to navigate to project page
  • Should be usable by both regular users and admins
    • Regular users must have "manage" access on the group to be able to add members, otherwise they get a read-only display
    • Regular users can use "add permission" for any project that they have "manage" access
    • Regular users can delete permission only for projects they have "manage" access
    • Admins have unrestricted ability to edit membership and permissions


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