Bug #18376

[keepstore] Avoid long-lived readdirent cookies in filesystem driver

Added by Tom Clegg 12 days ago. Updated 4 days ago.

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We have seen the current implementation of IndexTo fail (error reading "/data/keep/13b": readdirent /data/keep/13b: errno 523) when the underlying filesystem is NFS and the indexing operation takes over 4 hours. (Errno 523 is EBADCOOKIE in NFS.)

We can avoid relying unnecessarily on long-lived readdirent cookies by
  • doing open/readdir/close on the top-level directory, then open/readdir/close on each subdirectory (the current implementation indexes each subdirectory before calling readdirent on the top-level directory to get the next subdir)
  • calling ReadDir() to get DirEnt structs as quickly as possible, then calling lstat() to get sizes (the current implementation uses Readdir(), which interleaves calls to lstat() and readdirent())


Task #18386: Review 18376-nfs-readdirentResolvedLucas Di Pentima

Task #18473: reviewNewLucas Di Pentima


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This LGTM, thanks.

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Applied in changeset arvados-private:commit:arvados|153d9954cbe21a0e98bf5cf364898e2bc10fcabd.

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Problem persists. Maybe we need a retry loop to get through busy periods?

18376-nfs-readdirent @ f7278a4238a687ba4b8203417133bc9add5e166b -- https://ci.arvados.org/view/Developer/job/developer-run-tests/2808/

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