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Design for helper methods for working with vocabularies

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Design sketch to support using the vocabulary in the Python SDK, for review.

New class called Vocabulary which is initialized from the vocabulary JSON. It can be initialized from an API object, in which case it fetches the vocabulary file itself.

The Vocabulary has a dict, "key_aliases".

The key_aliases has an entry for every alias of every key, as well as the formal identifiers. The value is an object of type VocabularyKey.

The VocabularyKey class has fields "identifier" (string), "aliases" (list of strings) and "value_aliases".

The "value_aliases" field has an entry for every alias of every value associated with this key, as well as the formal identifiers. The value is on object of type VocabularyValue.

The VocabularyValue class has fields "identifier" (string) and "aliases" (list of strings).

Support case-insensitive lookup of aliases. Suggest indexing aliases as all-lowercase. Lookups check the check the case-insensitive version.

This is intended to be used to easily convert "properties" between aliases and formal identifers. There will be a Vocabulary.convert_to_labels() and Vocabulary.convert_to_identifiers() methods. The first normalizes based on human-readable labels, the second normalizes based to the machine identifiers.

The basic usage would be something like this

vocab = Vocabulary(vocab_json)

vocabkey = vocab.key_aliases["species"]
print(vocabkey.identifier)  # "id123" 
print(vocabkey.aliases)     # ["species", "animal"]

vocabvalue = vocabkey.value_aliases["human"]
print(vocabvalue.identifier)  # "id456" 
print(vocabvalue.aliases)     # ["homo sapiens", "human"]

vocab.convert_to_identifiers({"animal": "human"})
# -> {"id123": "id456"}

vocab.convert_to_labels({"id123": "id456"})
# -> {"species": "homo sapiens"}

Additional thought: could have add an indexer on the object so that you can just write vocab["species"]["human"].identifier.

Suggestion from Tom: wrapper methods which automatically translate the properties field to/from identifiers on get, list, create, update, etc.

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