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Search in picker dialogue for selecting Projects/Files/Directories

Added by Peter Amstutz 12 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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request from customer

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a search function in the dialogue window that pops up when e.g. moving a collection or within the workflow for file collection.
For 'move to' function: At the moment we can only see the project titles, but it would be easier to search for the property 'Study Source ID'.
For the 'collect files for genestack upload' wf: At the moment there is a limit of the number of collections displayed in the dialogue window, a collection not within this limitation cannot be selected. Collections also cannot be marked as favorites. Maybe this could be an alternative to creation of subprojects / changing the workflow itself.

Implement design from #18645

Interaction stories

  1. User starts from the top and navigates down, but gets to a project that has too many things, so they want to filter the contents of that project
  2. User knows what project they want but not the exact file, so they search for the project and then want to browse the project or do additional filtering of the project contents
  3. User has no idea where the thing they want is located and needs to search the entire cluster and then pick the one that looks right
    1. User needs context or details about the item to be able to decide which one is right
  4. User wants to navigate through a project that has many items and may need to page through a list
  5. User needs to be able to select multiple items (input is an array of something) without closing/reopening/researching every time
    1. Probably want an "add" button to add things to a list of chips at the bottom, can also delete things from the list
    2. Make sure user explicitly selects/adds things, not easy to select/add things by accident

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