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ability to migrate arvbox to arvados-server boot dev mode

Added by Peter Amstutz about 1 month ago. Updated 17 days ago.

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arvados-server boot dev mode should be able to support all these commands:


start|run <config> [tag]   start arvbox container
stop               stop arvbox container
restart <config>   stop, then run again
status             print some information about current arvbox
ip                 print arvbox docker container ip address
host               print arvbox published host
shell              enter shell as root
ashell             enter shell as 'arvbox'
psql               enter postgres console
open               open arvbox workbench in a web browser
root-cert          get copy of root certificate
update  <config>   stop, pull latest image, run
build   <config>   build arvbox Docker image
reboot  <config>   stop, build arvbox Docker image, run
rebuild <config>   build arvbox Docker image, no layer cache
checkpoint         create database backup
restore            restore checkpoint
hotreset           reset database and restart API without restarting container
reset              delete arvbox arvados data (be careful!)
destroy            delete all arvbox code and data (be careful!)
log <service>      tail log of specified service
ls <options>       list directories inside arvbox
cat <files>        get contents of files inside arvbox
pipe               run a bash script piped in from stdin
sv <start|stop|restart> <service> 
                   change state of service inside arvbox
clone <from> <to>  clone dev arvbox
adduser <username> <email> [password]
                   add a user login
removeuser <username>
                   remove user login
listusers          list user logins


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