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keep-web notices when collections accessed by uuid have changed

Added by Peter Amstutz 13 days ago. Updated about 16 hours ago.

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Users reported issues when opening HTML reports via Browser after updating the collection content via S3. Updated HTML pages are not immediately displayed and require a forced reload.

a) if they are uploading via S3, keep-web itself should be able to know that something changed

b) it seems like it would be a good idea to have keep-web either poll for changes or listen to websockets to find out when collections change instead of waiting for the cache to expire

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phase 1: Retire the old per-collection code path in favor of using the per-token session/sitefs for all keep-web requests. That will give better cache behavior, and address the case where a user uploads via S3 and then downloads via web using the same token.

phase 2: Mechanism for sitefs to invalidate cached collections on websocket events. That will also be an important piece of the Go-based fuse mount.

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