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Notification with email

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Users would like to have a possibility to receive email notifications.

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This feature will introduce functionality to send emails to the wb2 users through the email gateway. Main functionalities will allow to configure the smtp details in order to allow customization for different instances (possibly system email account can contain server specific details to make source system identification easier)

Things to consider:
- should emails be sent straight away or through some batch job
- do we want an option to enable/disable email notifications for the whole system
- place to store the SMTP configuration

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One of the comments:

My feedback on this topic:

Personally, I am not in favor of sending email notifications for each and every modifications happening in the project or collection elements as this may spam users when curators cleanup data or new standard or technical adoptions make it necessary to change some elements. HOWEVER, this is indeed needed for CWL workflows to notify users once a running workflow changes its status to "completed" or "failed".

Since the workflow error logs are not easy for scientists to read, interpret, and spot the problem, we need a way to work around this and I think an email notification here can also explain for what reason the workflow failed and what remedies are available.

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