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Release Arvados 2.6.0

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Task #20146: 1. Prepare X.Y-staging branchResolvedPeter Amstutz04/04/2023Actions
Task #20147: 2. Update the "Upgrading Arvados and Release notes" doc page (main and release branch), update, formula and arvbox to point to releaseResolvedPeter Amstutz04/06/2023Actions
Task #20148: 3. Ensure that the entire automated testing pipeline is passing on JenkinsResolvedPeter Amstutz04/04/2023Actions
Task #20149: 4. Review release branchResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20150: 5. Draft release notes and publish them to www-devResolvedBrett Smith03/14/2023Actions
Task #20151: 6. Review release notesResolvedPeter Amstutz04/04/2023Actions
Task #20152: 7. Create next redmine releaseResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20153: 8. Build RC packagesResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20154: 9. Build RC arvados/jobs imageResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20155: 10. Ensure installer tests are passingResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20156: 11. Build compute image & deploy RC packages to playgroundResolved04/05/2023Actions
Task #20157: 12. Run bam-to-vcf demo pipelineResolvedPeter Amstutz04/06/2023Actions
Task #20158: 13. Manual testingResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20159: 14. Approve RC for releaseResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20160: 15. Build final release packagesResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20161: 16. Publish stable arvados/jobs Docker imageResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20162: 17. Push packages to stableResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20163: 18. Publish Python and Ruby packagesResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20164: 19. Publish Java packageResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20165: 20. Publish R packageResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20166: 21. Publish arvados/arvbox-demo imageResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20167: 22. Tag commits, fast-forward X.Y-release branch to match X.Y-stagingResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20168: 23. Ensure is up to dateResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20169: 24. Merge release notes (step 6) from "develop" to "main" on arvados.orgResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20170: 25. Send out release announcementsResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20171: 26. Major releases only: Copy "run-tests" jobs in jenkinsResolved04/06/2023Actions
Task #20172: 27. Add the release to zenodo.orgResolved04/06/2023Actions
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release-notes-2.6.0 @ commit:0f16c06387956b7b32eb4797c1eae63f40e25e65

I would lead with "New features", followed by "Scalability improvements", followed by "Other changes and bugfixes".

Assuming gets merged, the screenshot of the Sharing dialog will need to be refreshed and the text can mention both tickets.

Workbench tickets #19865 and #19908 are in the "new features" section but are really more like bug fixes.

Some new features to mention include monitoring support in the installer.

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