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Subprocess list show 'Unknown' status labels on some items, gets corrected when clicking through

Added by Lucas Di Pentima over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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When visiting a running workflow's process page that has many thousands subprocesses and looking at the Subprocesses Panel with page size >= 200, some subprocesses show as having the Status=Unknown. When clicking through, the correct status is displayed and going back to its parent process make the listing show its correct status.

For some reason, I wasn't able to get this behavior when using page sizes of less than 200, so it may be related to the size of the filtering parameters that get used to retrieve the containers/CRs from the middleware.

The subprocess list is ordered by created_at by default, if I set the page size to 200 and scroll through the first page's content, I get an 'Unknown' label at the 101th element, but when using page size 100, or 50 and then go to that 101th element, it shows its correct status without needing to click through it.

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Task #20261: Review 20251-subprocess-panel-container-details-bugResolvedStephen Smith03/22/2023Actions
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Changes at arvados-workbench2|d3518cf6eb602101cad0fb90c534499b7eb6cbca branch 20251-subprocess-panel-container-details-bug
Tests developer-tests-workbench2: #1167

  • Set container list query limit to match the requested item list, which reflects the page size of the data explorer making the request
  • Remove duplicate UUIDs from request
  • Improve flaky clipboard test
  • Fix race condition in collection file browser by using the callback form of setState when referencing previous state
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Updated by Lucas Di Pentima over 1 year ago

Just one small suggestion:

  • I think you can improve the deduplication performance by instead of using includes() on every element, passing this to loadContainers(): [ Set(containerUuids)], wdyt?

The rest LGTM, thanks!

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  • Keeping current implementation since a benchmark shows consistent better performance in firefox using .includes, no significant difference in chrome

Applied in arvados-workbench2|f0cfaf399e8476e534781dbdc69ec6dc1133308b


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