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Support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Added by Brett Smith 7 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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(This was originally ticket #19213, which accidentally got deleted.)

  • build packages
  • test packages
  • set up package repository
  • test with installer formula

For future reference

Lucas: I started working on this before needing to switch to more urgent tasks, the last commit is 0489e69 (branch 19213-ubuntu2204-support)
There were some packages failing the test phase.

Brett: The likely reason the packages are failing is because of inconsistent OpenSSL versions. Ubuntu 22.04 ships with OpenSSL 3.0. Ruby 2.7 does not support this version, only 1.1. Lucas' branch builds a custom OpenSSL, but then every C library you pull in has to be linked against that custom version, like libpq. I haven't checked but I expect tests are failing because Ruby segfaults when it pulls in both openssl and pg trying to connect to the database.

We've decided #20300 is a blocker. You can build the whole Ruby 2.7 wiki stack on OpenSSL distributions; see this wiki page. But we currently don't package Ruby, so we don't have a way to ship that to users, and we should upgrade Rails/Ruby for other reasons anyway.


20846-package-log.txt (574 KB) 20846-package-log.txt Tom Clegg, 10/25/2023 02:20 PM

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Task #21155: Review 20846-ruby3ResolvedBrett Smith10/30/2023Actions
Task #21162: Review 20846-ruby3-compatResolvedTom Clegg10/30/2023Actions
Task #21222: Review 20846-ubuntu2204ResolvedTom Clegg11/28/2023Actions
Task #21231: Brett to take overResolvedBrett Smith10/30/2023Actions
Task #21335: Review 20846-package-build-fixesResolvedBrett Smith01/05/2024Actions

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