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Process panel reorganization

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From discussion with Sarah:

  • making panels bigger looks good
  • reduce space between rows in the output panel
  • add a little bit of space between rows in the details panel
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Updated by Peter Amstutz 5 months ago

21440-process-panel-reorg @ 36871ffc981832ac7cf5131e9ac36626c49d3a2b

developer-run-tests: #4013

  • All agreed upon points are implemented / addressed.
    • This is based on feedback from one of our customers and consultation with Sarah and just rearranges existing functionality and tweaks styles.
  • Anything not implemented (discovered or discussed during work) has a follow-up story.
    • I want to move most of the items out of the Details panel and over to the right side panel, but that's going to wait until we've figured out how we want the Project panel to look
    • Added #21444
  • Code is tested and passing, both automated and manual, what manual testing was done is described
    • two tests are failing, these seem to be the ones being addressed in #21427
  • Documentation has been updated.
    • I need to check if there are any user guide screenshots that are severely impacted
  • Behaves appropriately at the intended scale (describe intended scale).
    • does not affect scaling
  • Considered backwards and forwards compatibility issues between client and server.
    • UI changes only
  • Follows our coding standards and GUI style guidelines.
    • yes

Customer complained that the "Subprocesses" panel is too small. I experimented with making each sub panel of the process view max 100% height instead of max 50% height and this seems much better. It shifts primary navigation to the button bar at the top instead of scrolling, but I think this is a positive development, because effectively the user flow before would be to scroll down to subprocesses and then hit "maximize" and this eliminate the extra click for "maximize".

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This feels much better to navigate, LGTM

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